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Monday, May 17, 2010

ha ha he he ha ha ho.

I have a pet peeve. Well I have many actually. But this one in particular, well I deduct that many people might be annoyed by it too? Possibly? Lets commence.


Think Jay-Z here. But more closely related think bloggers. Since I've entered the blogosphere I've ran across a few well established blogs run by bloggers who have been doing their thang thang for years. And they sooooo sadly announce. I am retiring! I no longer have the passion to write...Good bye...farewell...Yada yada yada.

Cue the outpouring of sentimental comments from faithful readers and even long time lurkers hit the comment button for the first time just to bid them a thank you and farewell.

And then you know what happens?

The blogger comes back less than a month later, blogging as if nothing has happened.

Does that annoy you too? It really irks the shit fire out of me. I don't know why.

Maybe its the fact that its narcissistic and phony. Preplanned and predictable. I've always disliked people who felt the need to make a dramatic exit.

I mean even Jay-Z gets on my nerves for goodness sake its ridiculous. I remember a few years back they gave him an award, a bunch of big shots came out and said how great he was, they played a montage video of his successes...

And you know how this story turns out if you listen to the radio at all.

I don't like the man anymore because of that reason!

Faking your retirement is almost as bad as faking your death. Really its just pathetic.

Can you tell I am on my period?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Musings

I don't even know what the word musings means to be honest. But I know people use it in that context so I am just mimicking per say.

I also have an announcement I am very proud of! I got my first 'F' on a test in my college academic career. This is true. The last time I got an 'F' I was still riding the yellow bus to school. Let us not discuss Freshman year of high school, or lack there of for that matter. Really this big fat 56% should go on the fridge. Its what dreams are made of!

No really, I am not proud of the grade per say but I am happy about one thing. This exam score in upper level economics is just the bitch slap in the face I needed. The one  that said, "Just who the FUCK do you think you are?" Because really, who do I think I am?Flippin Einstein? Effen Socrates? Freakin Bill Gates? This procrastinating business is a thrill, a cheap thrill that usually made me feel like hmm maybe I am smarter than the average folk. Because studyingh 2-3 days or in most cases 1-2 days before an exam was letting me cruise through relatively unscathed. Till now that is.

So your truly has been very unceremoniously brought down to earth. Now I feel like a stupid little earthling. Sad right?

Moving on

I am really happy I got my laptop. Except for the first week I had it I would come home and the boyfriend was on it. Despite there being a perfectly fine desktop and mind you, he has his very own laptop. So after a week of this I decided that we were no longer going to share joint custody of my laptop because, um... its mine! So he was gently surprised when one day when I wasn't home he wanted to have some alone time with it and upon flipping it open the wonderful white space prompted him for a password for him to login. And that was that! I don't feel one bit of guilt for it either.

And thats all for now. Good night.