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Saturday, January 15, 2011

After Six Years...

I finally realized that while I loved the person I was with, I was no longer in love with them. I realized that the wrong person, isn't always a bad person but they just are not the person you are meant to be with. It took me a while and I gave it many fighting chances. But at the end of the day, I have never felt more sure of any decision I have ever made in my life.

Tomorrow I move into my new place.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And Then I Went To Counseling...

I have been absent for quite sometime. I realize my last post was rather ambiguous and rather on the downside.

But at the time, that was how I was feeling. Submerged in a sea of despair and feelings of failure.

I finally hiked up my big girl pants and days after my last post (September 2nd) I marched myself into the counseling services department at school. It was something I had been dreading. But, I realized an emotional detox with a perfect stranger is just what I needed. If things didn't pan out as I thought they would its okay because there would be no strings attached. Kinda like a one night stand? Right? Except better!

But anyways, it was intense. What I wanted was to walk in and say here, these are my fix them! Feel free to throw your pellets of wisdom and advice my way Mr. Family and Marriage Counselor Man (with a shiny bald head).I'll catch all those suckers. But of course, thats not the way it works.

Instead it works more like the onion effect. You know that whole peel one layer off ooooone at a time?And realize your solutions via methods of self discovery and probing? Needless to say, very few answers were provided. Instead there was a lot of crying, about twenty tissues less, and me trying to sum up my life story in a 50 minute session. I left that place looking as if I had been cutting onions all day and them putting then on my eyes as moisturizers.

That day, I can't say I felt much better. I felt as if I had plunged myself deeper into those feelings. But, the days that followed gave me strength and optimism. It was truly refreshing to speak to someone who had a neutral perspective. To talk to someone who does not have preconcieved ideas or thoughts about who you are or judge where you've been.

This is a touchy subject for my to talk about because this blog is my outlet. And the last thing I want it to sound like is some mopey, depressing, poooooor me blog. Because hello!? Why is Eeyore no one's favorite character? (Like seriously, would you want to invite him to a party?)

And for a while there I felt like I every time I came to this little digital window that works as a vehicle to provide the outside world with my inner most awesome thoughts...I didn't feel like I had any positive shit to say. And its not that I want to get all Richard Simmons on your guys asses and be like super upbeat and ADHD. Its just that I want my blog to reflect who I am as a person in real life as well.

In person I am someone who rarely touches on topics that are depressing or that drag themselves out. I am actually a pretty rad person (if I do say so myself). Sure I could curse a lot less and maybe not be as cynical. But at the end of the day, I am a pretty damn good person that is the friend many call, the friend many love to have because of all the funny and crazy shit she says, and the friend that 'has it together.'

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I missed this damn place. Both the blog and this attitude. And it feels good to be back!

(In other news, I am getting a profesh camera in Jan, a Nikon D3100 DSLR, so in lieu of that I  am in the developing stages of making a new blog, one that is more universal and friends and family members can see! & of course you guys too!)

But I feel this is a blog I do not ever want to erase because so much of my personal thoughts have been poured into here to the eyes of complete strangers! And just like Mr. Shiny Bald Head you guys have listened and not judged.

Thank you. It means the world to me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finding Me

Today I'd been wanting to do something I'd never done since moving up to California. I wanted to get in my car, and just drive. Just drive to a destination of peace. I drove over the San Mateo Bridge and to Half Moon Bay.

I walked down this path.
the path

Sat in this bench.

And looked at this.

I contemplated and analyzed my current point in life.

I don't know whats been wrong with my lately. In the mornings I don't want to get up. I can't think of one thing that makes me want to jump up and seize the day. My senses lack invigoration. I feel subdued, mundane, and bored. Numb. I've never felt this way before for this long.

And all I could do was really pray. Pray for answers. Pray to be at peace with pending decisions. I prayed for the burden of sadness to go away. I prayed for the pain to go away. I prayed for clarity.

I took an online emotional wellness test administered by the school. The results? Depression.

I am scared.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis

A lot has happened in the past month. Too much for my little brain to be able to eloquently put into words.

I got to see my Dad during my break. That was wonderful but at the same time I am wondering why he didn't really want to come stay with me at my place and instead stayed with his sister the whole time. That kind of sucked.

I saw my grand father die on the fourth of July.

We are taking care of a Chihuahua our neighbors found. I feel I am getting a taste of mother hood here. Just a taste.

I found a kitten with a busted leg. Took it to a rescue place.

Its the 5th week of school and I am so behind because all of this happened sequentially.

But I don't want to talk about any of that stuff.Not at this moment anyways.

See, I am less than two weeks shy of turning 24. 24. YES...24. It feels so strange. I told my mother today that I feel as if I am going through a quarter life crisis. She told me she felt the same way at about 20-21 years of age but largely due to the fact that she had me at 17.

I can't really explain the feeling. Its not a thought that keeps recurring over and over in my head. Its just a feeling of unaccomplishment and unfulfilledness. Like a hollowness. As if their is a void. As life gets more and more different every year. Less fun. You see your friends less. Now I see my family less. I feel a bit of detachment. Some where I am stuck in the middle on my way to adulthood but not too fargone from childhood.

I know I am not alone in this boat. As I've chuckled a few times as I've seen other fellow Facebook friends from high school post about feelings running in the same vein.

I had put my laptop away when I recieved a text from my dear friend Ana. Mind you, it was 12:45am.

Ana: "Hi Friend...U Sleeping?"
Me: "No lol still a night owl"
Ana: "Me too. I couldn't sleep so I'm driving around.:) I just drove past ur old houseand both of our old schools...time goes by too f-ing fast! : ( I am freaking out. I'm having a breakdown too! I feel like I'm not doing enough for all the time that's passing!"

I can see she too has the same feeling of unfulfilledness and unaccomplishment. I wonder if its a biological timer that goes off in our brain. Ding, ding, ding! Time to feel sorry for yourself! You are getting "old"

When in all reality we are not old and that is not the main complaint here at all. But this feeling is hard to kick and I've been giving myself mini pep talks that sometimes help and other times don't.

Growing up is hard to do!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have a wrinkle

The years of my twenties are rather strange. As things in life that have never occurred before are suddenly happening unexpectedly and uninvitedly. For instance, while it feels it was just yesterday I was being asked what college I was going to go to, or what my young 18-year-old self wanted to be I find myself now  being asked more adult like questions. As a soon to be 24-year-old people now inquire as to when I will have children, when I will get married... this is all so baffling to me as I feel no where near ready to title myself as a mother or a wife.

Today as my narcissistic self has done for many years I was indulging in art of outstretching my arm and taking a picture of me and the person next to me while the family and I paraded about San Francisco. Except today as I reviewed the photos and saw this...

I have some wrinklies under my right eye. Where, how, and when did these wrinkies get here I asked my puzzled self? Is it the soap I am using?!? The Bare Minerals??!? Am I aging prematurely for my age? Did I do my make up weird today?

No self, its just time. With time comes aging duh.

But it all feels so soon! These wrinklies weren't there two years ago and is it quite possible wrinkles just sprout to noticible maturity overnight!?!

It does not help that I have the most baby faced boyfriend ever. Ben has a face that is shaped in favor of looking younger, his skin is plump with collagen, and he is practically hairless. People always guess he is waaaaay younger than what he is. Today as my family probed him for his age one unrelated, friend of a family member said Ben looked younger than me! I am 24 and Ben is 29. Slap to the face. Upon just discovering my wrinklies on my camera hours earlier this comment was even more bruising to the ego.

My mind and heart still feels young. Which is why I find the wear and tear to be so unsettling.

Really, I am going to get myself some wonderful eyecream. Pronto.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Because I like to make excuses for myself

I like how in my pre-laptop days I was convinced I would most definitely blog more if I ever had a wonderous laptop. Now here I am, about 2 months with a laptop and the post consistency has faired the same.

I've been doing that a lot lately. Thinking I have valid reasons not to do something. For instance, I was convinced I could not study at home because Ben can be so damn chatty and distracting. But now that he has a weekend job and I have the time span from 11-6 all to me and me only, I still can't study. I had to take my incompetent ass to the library.

I have a love hate relationship with this blog I must admit. Sometimes I feel like writing and other times I think I rather peel potatoes.

I have been figuring out a lot of things lately. And I've come to a conclusion. Your twenties are bittersweet. No, seriously.

Sure they are most likely the best looking years of your life if you are into collagen and elasticity (um, yes please!) but, they are also a time of self discovery. And the self discovery thought process goes a little like this..

Am I really happy? Or am I just unhappy because I am too young and dumb to know any better? Am I really mad? Am I overexaggerating? Am I supposed to feel this way? Am I normal? Am I going about this the right way?

And you know some of the pestering questions have been answered but some still remain to unravel as I progressively age.

For instance in my teens I thought one day I would seek a profession where I could help others because gosh, I love helping others. Let me teach, let me guide, let me service!

But then with time I realized that I don't really like helping people a whole lot UNLESS I deem them sufficiently worthy. And lets just say my standards are high. No, no, no...don't judge. This is surely logical.

See for instance I don't help the dingbat from one of my classes who hasn't attended one class because he is just soooo cool by giving him copies of all of my notes. Nope, sorry. Not worthy.

But I do help the elderly and open doors for them and the such.

So there. My logic has been proven.

I guess my point is that the twenties are just all about trial and error. Until you finally get the pattern and realize someday that you are fully aware of exactly how you want to live your life.

If I am lucky that will happen around the time I am forty.

Monday, May 17, 2010

ha ha he he ha ha ho.

I have a pet peeve. Well I have many actually. But this one in particular, well I deduct that many people might be annoyed by it too? Possibly? Lets commence.


Think Jay-Z here. But more closely related think bloggers. Since I've entered the blogosphere I've ran across a few well established blogs run by bloggers who have been doing their thang thang for years. And they sooooo sadly announce. I am retiring! I no longer have the passion to write...Good bye...farewell...Yada yada yada.

Cue the outpouring of sentimental comments from faithful readers and even long time lurkers hit the comment button for the first time just to bid them a thank you and farewell.

And then you know what happens?

The blogger comes back less than a month later, blogging as if nothing has happened.

Does that annoy you too? It really irks the shit fire out of me. I don't know why.

Maybe its the fact that its narcissistic and phony. Preplanned and predictable. I've always disliked people who felt the need to make a dramatic exit.

I mean even Jay-Z gets on my nerves for goodness sake its ridiculous. I remember a few years back they gave him an award, a bunch of big shots came out and said how great he was, they played a montage video of his successes...

And you know how this story turns out if you listen to the radio at all.

I don't like the man anymore because of that reason!

Faking your retirement is almost as bad as faking your death. Really its just pathetic.

Can you tell I am on my period?