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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Future.

This year is going to be over before I know it. I just know it. In the blink of an eye I will be having to say my good byes to this place. Its been weighing heavy on my heart lately. And after reading Natalie's post ( I sighed heavily and remembered.

Back to the  beginning...

It wasn't real. Ironically I was in the San Francisco Bay Area in July of 2007 visiting my aunt when I recieved a text from Ben. Blah, blah, blah...I am thinking about going to Chiropractic school in Northern California...Would you consider moving up there with me?

First off....who asks someone such a thing via text? And secondly how was I supposed to believe Mr. Seperation Anxiety who always spoke of never leaving his town nor his dogs, to be serious?

So the next few months I never gave a yes or no answer because I never deemed it to be real. I was waiting for the back out plan. The oh forget it! California?!? Waaahahaha...

But then December of 2007 came and the move for Ben was scheduled for January 4th, 2008 whether I came with or not.

I made my choice.

I told myself. Just 3 years. 3 years and I will rinse my hands clean of this place. I will go to school and not make friends because I have my own.  I will get a job to help with my part. And then we will come back home to our beloved Tucson.

But it hasn't really work out that way. See the last thing I expected was to fall in love with bloody California. I mean how dare Ben just bring me to this beautiful state and then expect me to break up with it?

In retrospect these first two years on the three year plan have seemingly flown by. But I remember the months it felt like 2010 would never come. And now, here it is. An early, unexpected guest. No 2010 I am not ready for you.

2010 will mark the year I have to say good bye to our first little apartment. I wonder who will live here after we move? And will they let me come back for a visit?!? : P

I hope our friend Herman the Cat moves before we do because I don't think I can bear seeing his adorable face knowing it will be the last time I will ever see him. Who's going to let him in on the cold nights his owners forget to? And what about Scraggles the grizzly street cat with a heart a gold? What will become of him?

And my best friend. I made a best friend while I was up here. Can you believe that?!??! ME. Me the girl who doesn't get along with girls because girls are stupid made a best friend thats a girl. And not a fake bff. I mean a real bff. The kind you can tell your secrets too and the kind that shares hers in return. The kind who's house you can invade. The kind of friend that will walk around the lake with you not once but twice while you share stories about each other's lives.

I didn't make a best friend, I made a sister.

And you know what? I will even miss the damn neighbors. I will miss hearing Gina yelling at Jose (it made for rather interesting afternoons at times!). I will miss their fat mean cat Moomie, and the crippled cat they fostered and eventually adopted. (Whats with all these cats?)

I will miss the summer!

I will not miss the  bloody raccoons I tell you!

There are times in our lives when we have to let go of things we know we will never get back. It is one of the hardest things we ever have to do. (Do you know how hard it is for me to accept I can't redo my high school years?)

It is just part of life and it sucks and we just hope to come out stronger after all is said and done.

Here's to our last year in California. I hope it to be the best one to date : )


  1. Wow, girl. I'm kinda bummed for you! Granted you will get to move on to new adventures, but moving on and change are hard things for a lot of us! And leaving a sister-best-friend!!! That's rough too! Enjoy this year to the fullest! :D

  2. First off, a real best friend transcends state lines, timezones and the like.

    In a world of Texting and Twitter, Skype and Facebook, you are never more than a video or non-second away.

    Secondly, you have a new chapter in your youth to look forward to. Another adventure.

    I wish I had taken more chances when I was young.

    Ride them like the wind.

  3. You're lucky to have had those 3 years to begin with! :) Experiencing a new place is the most rewarding thing you can do for's not just the place that get discovered, it's you as well! :)