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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On a Blogs of Note

Today I ventured to the city. I love the city. San Francisco is a majestic place.  I could perch myself on a bench and watch people all day. Here high power business men in tailored suits carrying prestine briefcases zoom past you. Bums beg you for donations. And then theres everyone else. I love big cities because in one day you see the most interesting of people. People it may take you a lifetime to meet and see if you live in a small town but here, you see them all in one day.

I've seen a person dressed as a warrior for no apparent reason in the street. I saw a man peeing in the street. I saw a woman dressed in silver aluminum walking around pretending to be a robot. "Musicians" play in the echoey depths of the subways. High fashion girls parade past you. I even saw a really cross eyed guy and I had no idea which way he was looking. I've seen break dancers dance their hearts out on a slab of cardboard. Oh and don't forget to pay bushman a visit on Pier39. He holds two branches full of leaves and sits behind them only to scare the crap out of daydreaming pedestrians passing by. And then he expects a tip for frightening you, the nerve! He got me once. That bastard.

San Francisco is surreal.

I went to today to meet Mercedes. Mercedes is an extremely talented photopgrapher and if any of you keep up with Blogs of Note, you already know who I am talking about. Her blog was recently chosen as noteworthy by Blogger. Everyday she takes a portrait of someone. Her pictures are fantastic. Everyday people we simply disregard in passing she managed to stop them, take their picture, and capture their essense and personality beautifully in an exquisite photo. I felt a little sheepish by asking but I shot her an email and said hey, I would love to be apart of your blog you don't have to say yes if you don't want to but if you would like to I would be thrilled. So we met on the steps of this place...

San Francisco City Hall (image via Google)

I don't know why but I was a little nervous. I've never been photographed by professional. I felt kinda like a doofus infront of the camera.

Go to her website and I am under December as  #351.


  1. saw your portrait! looking great :) i wish i could be part of that blog! maybe when i visit sfo, i'll email her and ask if i could be a part of it too :D