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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have a confession to make.











I feel as if I fall into these safety nets. And then I just stay there. Like a little warm baby in the fetal position just swaying away in my hammock.

See, I have made some decisions in my life that I am now kicking myself in the ass for?


All for the sake of doing what is "safe."

I am 23-years-old and I currently sorta feel like a 30 something year old. Like really. Where is the excitement in my life? The traveling abroad? The big move to LA I have been wanting to do since I was uh 16? Where is my young, careless and risk taking youth?

Weekend after weekend is spent with my couped up in my apt. Where has my social life gone? WHERE AM I!? WHO AM I!??

Pressing questions here folks.

2010 is a year to finish my goals. Those primarily being school and getting an internship.

But after that, I am officially implementing a full on adventure plan.

Because like they say, you are only young once.

Say you get married at 30 and have kids and the whole shabang. Well from then on you are Miss Wifey and Mommy. Your life belongs to others.

I want my life to be mine. I want my choices to be independent. I want to have myself.

I want to be selfish and carefree while I am young so in my older years I won't long for it.

I finally am at a place where I say to myself...

Just do it.

(Lets start by quitting my job which I have stayed at for far too long in search of something that actually relates to my major, eh? I say thats a good place to start. Cut those hammock strings right off the tree.)


  1. Change is good...adventure is even better...

  2. i completely understand you! i feel exactly the same way. 2010 is our year! i finally quit my job in advertising in order to go focus on setting up my own business. its always been what i wanted to do so this year, i WILL. :) go on adventure! go go go!

  3. I've been reading your blog for a few months (and love it) but today was the first time I felt moved to HAVE to post a comment. I nodded my head the whole way through this post. I am 24 and over the past few months, have made my life more "adventuresome". Nothing big, but I feel the selfish- that's the world's gift to us 20 somethings without hubbies and families!

  4. i feel the exact same way!! i've been playing it too safe with my job. currently i'm in the kiddie pool (being a substitute teacher) trying to test out a new career before i completely make a change. and at 27 i'm scared. scared i won't like it. scared i won't be able to quit my current job. scared i won't succeed. but i have a safe-type plan and will continue with it until the road forks and i have to make a decision.

    good luck with your decision and keep us posted. i'm slowly starting to catch back up with blogs that i've missed in the past 2 weeks.