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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

As Promised.

I am missing something...

...and I can't quite put my finger on it.

...I just know that whatever it is, when it comes, I will know my life will be complete.

And everything will come full circle.

I've been feeling rather strange as of late. Ben suspects its TMJ but I don't know what of it.

I just know I've been feeling all out of sorts. Bouts of disorientation. Major space outs. Non-drug induced weirdness.

Its flippin' me out ya'll. ( I don't know if thats a Paula Deen ya'll or a Britney Spears ya'll, its so hard to pick)

As Ben's lovely mother would say "I am feelin' psychadelic." She says a lot of other things too but I don't think those would be very appropriate to write on here.

Speaking of Ben. Do you know what he calls me? Elmira. Elmira from Looney Tunes. You know the one. Misses I just want to love you and squeeze you and hold you ecetera. He says "The cats don't like you."

 Uh, Rude!

 "You bother them too much."


But it is true. I love animals! And so what if I just want to pick them up and squeeze them and kiss them when they were sleeping? What were they doing that makes them so busy? And since I provide food, shelter, kibble, and bountiful amounts of fresh water and fancy feast I think I can do as I please. I am not hurting anybody.

Me and the Herms

Minutes after taking this picture Herman got up and walked away. And I wasn't even touching him. Ben is the favorite around here. I am just loved when its convenient. Tis fine!

Me and Ben

Oh and guess who is here? I totally forgot to mention it. Frida was relocated from the dry, dusty desert that is Tucson, AZ and she's been moved here! To always lovely California. (More on her later)

This is Frida. (2/22/2010)

I find myself feeling strange this time of year. I believe it may be the weather also. January and February bring misery as they are mostly cloudy and rainy.

But once the rain is gone I do appreciate this sight...

My drive to work.

The lush, rolling green hills. Nothing says "one day there will be a massive earthquake" like these lovely green hills! Fault lines sleep under these beautiful hills but oh its so worth it living up here. Every minute of it.

And then, only after the rains do these trees come about. Pink trees! This picture  does them no justice. They have cotton candy colored leaves and make me feel like a Princess when I go on my walks.

I am scared but excited for what the future has to bring.

It really mind freaks me that in a year from now I will be somewhere else but here.

But where ever I go I am getting a dog because  they don't mind if you pick them up and love them, and squeeze them and hold them, and love their lights out!

I want I want I want!

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  1. Wow... pink trees make me think of myself as a heroine in a book who is walking thinking about her life. The one in which she is dissatisfied in her life and meets a handsome, rugged hero who irritates her and interests her at the same time...

    *sigh* I am reading too many books, ain't I?