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Friday, February 26, 2010

Every Woman's Weakness.

This past Saturday I woke up and I could feel it. I knew trouble was a brewing. I knew I was going to do that bad thing. I knew the two of us were going to have a little fun. Harmless, innocent fun.

Just me and my friend Mr. Plastic.

My Bank of America debit card and I were going to have some quality one on one time together. Just the two of us! Our special day.

What did this lead to? Well it lead us to the Newpark Mall in Newark and there we found some adorable silver sandals for only 12.99. Steal! We galavanted around retail heaven some more but there was nothing more to our liking so we left.

And then we went to Trader Joe's but this was necessary as we were short on some groceries. See, innocent? I instantly regretted going to Trader Jose's because it was Saturday and everyone and their mothers and grand babies are at TJ's on the weekend. But I felt an eery sense of calm because I knew there was still fun to be had.

At Trader Joe's I decided that it was absolutely necessary I have a veggie tray in my life. My life suddently felt unfulfilled! Target was just a stones throw away and after frantically searching for a "crudite" tray I came up empty handed. Then I looked at the shoes at Target and came up empty handed there too.

I knew there was going to be trouble when the conversation between me and my rationale told me going to Ross on a Saturday just to get a veggie tray made perfect sense. (The Ross in Fremont that is always overcrowded and where the folks there do not understand that they are invading my bubble of personal space.) I also knew my rationale knew I was BSing it and using the tray as a cover up for my true intentions.

As soon as I walked into Ross I bolted to the shoe department. Aisle 7.5 please! There I found a perfect pair of black wedges there for 9.99. STEAL! (Pictures to come, next post because I have to get a pedicure...BAD.)

After that, I knew our business was done. Our dirty little mission completed. Oh and it was a great one. One where not too much money was spent but fantastic results were reaped.

I have a shoe obsession. One that becomes untameable at times. And I am very good at finding great shoes on the cheap. Really I will prove it to you.

I came home and put my shoes on right away because thats just what I do as soon as I get new shoes. How rude would it be of me to not give them a tour of the apartment as first time guests?

Ben was just happy to see that my shoes weren't flats because he hates flats with a passion.

Today I got paid and today was trouble all over again.

Trouble let me buy these...

(Under 30 bucks. STEAL!)

and then I also bought these...

(60 bucks. Steal?)

(Picture them over skinny dark or medium colored jeans
 with a white top and a scarf and my long flowing brown hair, do you see it?)

And with all my might I pulled myself together and had a little chatsy with good ol' Rationale and she immediately issued a code red because defenses were low in the common sense department making them vulnerable to attack.

Attack of impulse buying!

Order was restored within my brain. My heart rate settled. And I closed all the windows of glorious shoes online. Cold turkey.

I said I am sorry you beautiful red pumps...maybe next paycheck?

and then I said I don't need you beautiful sleek boots, in leather...

and dammit I don't need you in suede either...

And shoelets I can't decide if I want you because I don't know yet if you look chic or elfy so I feel okay with leaving you right where you are...

and more importantly I also don't know if I want you in black or gray...

And that concludes that.

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  1. You need to join Shoedazzle. The shoe thing started by Kim Kardashian. For like 39.95 a month a Stylist hooks you up with a pair of hot shoes a month. My friend does it and the shoes are AMAZING. If I had the extra loot I would SO be in. A stylist?? SWOON!

    I have 100's of shoes. I am obnoxious.