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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ramblings of a twenty something year old.

As of late I have been focusing a lot on this little thing called age. Age is a strange thing. Especially your early twenties I feel. See its not too long ago I was in my teens. Five years from your teens to your twenties is quite perplexing. See, there is a handful of actresses around my age, that have been famous since I was about 18. I look at them and think hmm... they look different. And then I wonder, well what looks different about me?

I need to find a picture of me when I was eighteen in order to solve this mystery.

But lets look at some examples shall we!

Hilary Duff circa teen years...

Hilary Duff now..

Whats different?

Lindsay Lohan circa teen years...

Lindsay Lohan now...

Do you follow?

I find myself looking in the mirror and trying to think of what my eighteen-year-old self looked like. Collagen? Thinner skin? Different hair? hmmm...

On my 22nd birthday I felt old. Something about that two after the twenty really did me in. It was like twenty-twwwooooooooo. Like it could just go on forever.

Twenty-three despite being older than twenty-two sits better with me. Twenty-three rolls off the tongue nicely. Twenty-THREE!

I guess your twenties is a pivotal time in your life. Its when you really lay the foundation down for your future. See, when you are in your teens you just expect life will pan out but as you get older you realize you have to be proactive in leading the life you wish to live.

The twenties are good just scary! Parts of me wish I could time warp back to 2000 knowing what I know now so I could be a smart little freshman in high school. Oh but we all know that will never happen!

See its weird to have a perception of twenty something year olds when you are in high school then to actually be one.

I really felt that by this age I would be a lot more mature and that the "I don't know what I want to do with my life" phase would be over with. But alas it isn't! So parts of me feel teenish but other parts feel oldish. Kinda the actual age part. And then when I see high school kids its so weird! I see them and I think oh theres some kids my age and then my subconcsious says what are you talking about oldy pants those kids are in high school! And then I think oh right! And then I study them and think hmmm... I am a lot older than them!

And then people my age having kids is just plain skeeving me out. High school friends posting comments about mommyville and what their baby did is making me feel like nooooooo are we really getting there already people? We are only 23! I am no where near feeling like I want to enter mommyville. Mommyville is about a five-year trip away from the looks of it now.

The teenage part of me wants to be selfish.

 I want to stay up late and watch Gossip Girl online.

I want to travel.

I want to sleep in.

I want to not have play dates with other parents I don't like.

I want to go on and put outfits together add them to my cart and then not buy them! Hah!

Do you like this top?

I do!

I don't feel old, old. I just feel like I gotta get my ass in gear because I don't want the years to slip through my hands like sand and then look back and think oh how unproductive my twentysomething year old self was!

How old are you and how do you feel about it?


  1. the difference between teen lohan, and 20something lohan? she looks like a crack head now? yup, that's the difference!

    i am 27...nearly 30, but not as near as 28, which i am dreading this november. almost 28 and i still don't know what i should do with my life, but in the meantime, i will do what i am doing and keep thinking about it.

    25 was a real tough one. realllll tough!

  2. Oh I wish I could go back to my teen years...Hell I wish I could go back to my 20's!

    The difference isn't just in how you feel, but HOW you feel it. It's how you react and what you DO with what you learn.

    It's amazing at 30 (almost 31 YIKES) how I look back on it now and feel like it was another lifetime ago....and I look oh-so-different.

    I think you have inspired a post on my many changes physically haha.

  3. I'm 24...

    I think I'm okay with it though. I feel a bit too mature most days but that's mainly cause I jetted myself half-way around the world at 19 by myself and really had to grow up fast!

    Now, as I'm about to become a mom, I wonder what the next 18 years will bring me...what changes I'll endure..but that's the adventure of life!