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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Talk Talk Talk.

I am wondering... as we get older (we women) we feel emotions stronger?

When I was in my teen years I was like what the ef is all this hype about PMS? Who gets that? Women are just using it as a front to just be down right mean!

But now... now I know  PMS is not a myth. It is real. As real as the sun that shines on our faces.

I get all kinds of moody when I know Mother Flow is coming to visit soon. And then my coworker told me something very interesting that one day when I decide to actually use my spare time wisely I might actually look into.

She said that after our periods we get depressed because our egg wasn't fertilized. Even though we may not even be trying to get pregnant therefore aren't consciously thinking about it, but that physiologically our bodies go through a brief depression mode. made sense to me because I was noticing a mysterious blanket of sadness that would come over me very strongly. Maybe thats the explanation?

I am perplexed but I just know I am more in touch with my womanly feelings than I've ever felt I have been in my life.

A few months ago I was at Target with my friend and we were crusing through the store when I saw a plaque with some cheesy inspirational message and there in Target I really felt I could just bawl my eyes out. Just cry like a crazy person. Over a plaque? Yes, really.

Is this what pregnant women feel like?

&&& What weight loss tips are working for you? I am having a hard time losing these last ten pounds. They are taunting and teasing me.

Please. Help.


  1. I don't just get PMS, I have PMDD. I turn into a raving lunatic with more hormonal imbalances than a menoposal bipolar. It's a good time. Those poor people around me during that lovely 2 week emoptional rollercoaster never know what they're getting. And that's WITH being on BC to regulate me. Hahaha

    Losing weight is never fun either, tis why I basically just stopped trying.

    However, Swine Flu was the best diet ever ;-)

  2. PS hop over to my Blog, I nominated you for an award!

  3. Yes, I believe it is true, the older you get (especially without having children) the crazier the PMS gets. Anything can make me cry. And I mean anything. And I can turn into a snapping turtle and get super duper b*tchy and freak out over the most ridiculous things. I truly feel bad for everyone around me.

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