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Friday, March 5, 2010

I want to tell you guys something. (and a fashion show!)

Apryl over at gave me a fabulous blogging award. I am honored and so happy that she likes my blog! But I must tell you I got severe constipation of the mind when I saw the conditions for passing on the award...Fifteen blogs??? Well I don't even read fifteen blogs on the reg. I felt all kinds of inadequate.

So what was I to do?

Well browse through my followers of course. I was clicking away meeting some of you who I have never met before and I have to are all very wonderful. No, really. I mean it.

I found my self loving a lot of your blogs. And then it dawned on me...Oh-em-gee. They've decided to follow me because they probably liked something about my writing. Really, we tend to gravitate towards people we are similar to or share similar interests with. Duh!So obviously my readers and I must share commonalities.

I found someone who loves skinny jeans and chai lattes. Did you know that I love skinny jeans and chai frappucinos? Um Hello? Soul sister! (

In other news...

I have been shopping like a mad woman. I think I need to enter a rehab facility for a retail addiction. I feel totally cracked out. Like I need my fix you know?

I try to justifiy it but I really need to calm down. Granted I am a bargain queen but still. This is my savings I am digging into here! Not very wise. Want to hear what the Angel and the Devil perched on each shoulder say?

Angel says,

"Ferni, you need to be wise with your money, use it only for emergencies. What happens if your car breaks down? You have bills to pay remember? Dentist-Car Insurance-Groceries-Cell Phone-Netflix-Credit Cards-Gas..."

Devil says,

"Ferni, you are a great bargain shopper so you can shop as much as you want. And plus you went two years with out buying clothes because you were living paycheck to paycheck since you hadn't taken out loans and since you didn't have extra grant money because you were out of state. So, the way I see it is that you got two years to catch up on so keep shopping girl! You are in your twenties you need to look fab-u-lous."

The Devil makes sooooo much sense doesn't he? The Angel is such a drag.

So today I went on my walk and decided to give "finding that happy medium" a chance. So I put on a jacket my Dad gave me in Christmas of 2006 and headed off. I love that jacket. It makes me feel closer to my Dad. Like a little piece of him is with me. And he did such a great job picking it. And its super nifty because it has some great pockets that I can put my keys, iPod, and cell phone into. I refuse to use a fanny pack until I am at least over fifty.

On my walk I did my infamous I just tripped but didn't fall, I do that about 3 times a week. I've stopped even looking around after I do it because it happens so often and looking around would only allow witnesses to know I feel totally foolish. But today was a big one. Today was a Whaaaaaaaa arms flair, almost falling, big trip. I looked around to see if I had made anyone's day a little better but thankfully no one saw.

Then I saw a cat chase a squirrel up a wooden electrical beam. It was a stand off. Each animal facing eachother, straddling the beam, with only a few inches between them for distance. The cat slapped the squirrel a couple times and then the squirrel struck back as well. Crazy squirrel. The squirrel then head up higher and higher towards the cables and the cat stayed where he was, pondering if he should finish what he started.

Well after my walk I hit the thrifty store. I got two skirts for $1.98 dollars each. I also found this terrific little navy blue cape jacket but it was a bit too rich for my blood being from a thrifty and all. It was 14.99 and it was Mossimo brand. It wasn't Gucci! So I decided to let the cape jacket live there for a few more weeks and if I came back and it was marked down more than I knew it was meant for us to be together.

I also got some snow pants for myself that were $4.98. But I do need to give those a bath first because they had some mysterious stains on them. Stains of the opaque cream color. I'll let you decipher that one.

And I found some tan ankle boots for $4.98.

I learned a great lesson today. That I could still shop a lot as long as I kept it on the cheap. Also this works out because I still want to lose another 10 lbs and it is absolutely disgraceful to buy clothing that won't fit you in a few months.

Now this is where I show you that you can really dress for less. And this is the part where I ask of you to condone this newfound shopping addiction. Its a fair trade.

   Shirt: Forever21    10.50  
Skirt: Thrifty Store 1.98
Tights: Walmart    4.99
Shoes: Thirfty Store 4.98
 Grand Totale:        22.45

My skirt would  be much better appreciated in person but this will suffice. Pretty?

And this is me channeling American Apparel ads. Good?

Now, I have a question..

Seeing as you all have blogs and all, I am wondering if I should go mainstream... right now only me and myself and of course all of you know of my bloggy but I was thinking of making it a friends and family affair. Of course I would need to tidy it up around here but I am leaning towards the idea.

Do your friends and family know about your blog or do you prefer to keep it to yourself?

On a side note...

I made this little picture concoction but for some reason when I add in pics they come out grainy. Tragic.


  1. I LOVE thrift store shopping! BTW You don't need to loose 10 more pds!

    I don't keep my blog a secret. I don't advertise it either. Since I'm not on facebook anymore I let my closest friends and family know about it. But I really like the 'interaction' with people with the same interests and different views from different places.

  2. Haha you are so cute. Love the photo montage.

  3. Photo montage = blog love!

    I don't think my family knows about my blog..although, they can find my link on Facebook...I figure that's enough cause sometimes I just share a few things I probably shouldn't let them know! But ya know...whatev...

  4. Thank you so much for the blog shout out :). I've been meaning to respond to your wonderful comment but have been a little out of the blogging loop lately. I think that we're totally similar as beginning bloggers and our loves! Gossip love love :). Keep up the writing!