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Saturday, March 13, 2010

San Francisco

Thursday I went to the city. The city was calling me. It had been a while.

I decided to dress trendy so I wore this...


 Then I threw on a scarf and sweater because the city is birrrrr!

See all the girls in San Francisco dress trendy. I was taking mental notes left and right... thinking hmmm?? Never thought to put that together, but it looks good!

I called these girls, fashion girls.

Fashion girls aren't the nicest. But thats okay because I am not that nice either. : P Girls are funny creatures. So much more analytical of eachother than men are. When you see men in public places they always look like they have their heads up their ass. Daydreaming. Lost in outer space.

And girls. Oh girls. What are you going to do with them? Competitive, feisty little bitches. Especially in big cities. You'll be lucky if you get a smile out of a fashion girl. You get bumped sometimes and maybe an excuse me. I got bumped twice. Apparently some people taking shopping very seriously.

Oh but do you know what its like to shop in San Francisco? It is the most fucking epic thing ever (I had to throw the F word in there to startle you so you realize how serious I am about shopping in San Francisco). You take the BART there and it drops you off at Powell which leads straight into the Westfield Mall. The Westfield Mall is a thing of dreams. Gucci, Armani, and Bloomingdales dreams. Not much time was spent in there. Because my wallet isn't quite ready for those dreams.

The destination was Market street. An Old Navy, H & M, 3 story Forever 21, Marshalls, Ross, DSW shoe store, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Gap, and the list goes on and on and ooooon. All with in 50 feet of eachother. Could you just die? Stocked to the brim! Big city style.

I went in my heels and tights and dress. And as soon as you get off that Bart let me tell you something honey, you don't walk. You strut. Work it girl.

I love going to the city. There I don't feel so weird. Because I am in a sea of weirdos, fashion girls, business types, hippies, etc. And the cities hustle and bustle makes you feel so small and insignificant that suddenly you realize your worries are really just so silly.

After a few wonderful hours of shopping my strut turned into a waddle. And then my waddle told me my feet were going to spark revenge upon me the next day. And sure enough they did. My baby feet hurt.

But it was worth it. So worth it. I shall show you what I put together in the future!

The most EPIC F21 ever. Look how tiny the people are. Its sad.

The glory that is Market Street.
(P.S the lady in the pink sweater on the lower right, NOT a fashion girl)

Now if you have never been to a big city I recommend San Francisco. It is a great place to start. And its really such a tiny city that you can get anywhere in a cinch.

You're welcome.

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  1. Those "Fashion Bitches", they out-grow the bitchy, I used to be one ;-)

    Either that or motherhood completely ruined my edge.