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Friday, April 16, 2010


Today I had a moment with the part of my brain that rationalizes impulsive decisions. It was a battle...

As of late I have been browsing through many photography and fashion blogs. Oh and they have left me inspired. It reminded me of how much I have longed to get to know more about photography and how to take stellar pictures.

As of now I have a Canon SD750. Its a digital point and shoot. Definitely not a professional camera.

So today I decided to go to the Best Buy to juuuuuust take a looksie at the cameras. Oh and the Best Buy employee had me sold on the Nikon D3000.

This little puppy right here...

I wanted him like I always want the puppies and kittens in the pet stores except times ten.

I held him and took pictures of random strangers at Best Buy. Oh and for 679.00 he came with two other lenses and a bag! Oh but thats waaaaaay too much money for little me. So I went and applied for a Best Buy credit card. I won't get approved and that would be the end of that I thought to myself. Oh but I got approved! For a measely $500 but still, its an approval of sorts.

I was so tempted to adopt little Nikon. (thats what I named it) But I thought I best go home and do me research to really make sure this is a steal. Sure enough it was! Nothing online is matching Best Buy's deal right now.

So I decided to wait for Benny to get home so we  could go to Best Buy and I could show him little Nikon.


Lets just say bully Benny had a fit about me wanting little Nikon. He said it had to go down as one of the "dumbest ideas ever." (how rude!)

I was so sad. But this is true.

I need to get a computer first before anything else.

 Oh but I will have me a little Nikon! Just you wait and see!


(maybe by my birthday? August 1st?hmm?)


  1. I debated on getting that one too!!! It's a lovely camera...but I went with my Canon Rebel Xsi :) I used my tax money and it was my investment piece...but sooooo happy I've got it! :)

  2. i feel like that about getting a blackberry... silly but you know.. the heart wants what it wants.. :) and YOU will have a a little Nixon soon.