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Monday, April 19, 2010

Why, Hello.

Me and the Freef

Spring is here. I know it because when I went for a walk everything was looking like this:

(forgive the poor quality, cell phone pic)

I went for a walk on Sunday. A walk I soon regretted as it was the first day of my lady flow and going for a long walk had to be about the dumbest idea ever. I walked slow and painfully. Too many blocks away f rom my Midol and enduring the bitchiest menstrual cramps. I empathized with old people who are in so much pain they can't bear to move swiftly. Damn. That is my far future. I couldn't bear to walk any further so instead I turned around and went to the thrifty. Oh that only made matters worse. The thrifty was hot and humid and full of hustle and bustle. I began whispering a prayer to the big man upstairs, "Big J, please don't let me faint here in the thrifty." And he answered! But he did test me. Because in the stale, muggy, air near the blazers and vests as I was trying to maintain my composure someone decided to rip the smelliest poof ever. How wonderful of them to share their own signature scent with me.

I was sweating and I could hear my heart beating in my head. Oh but the joys of shopping seemed to create some sort of equillibrium to stabilize me. I left with a few goodies and walked down to my street. But see my street leads up a high, steep hill. I contemplated calling Ben to my rescue because how sad would it be to faint down a hill? Very sad. But alas, the little voice inside my head said "You can do this!" And the hill that under normal bodily circumstances only takes me six minutes to breeze through took me a snail paced twenty minutes! But the point is, I did it!

Then I came home and took my drugs. And once they kicked in I made some Mongolian Beef. And it was deeeeeelicious.

How was your weekend?

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