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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Week in Review

This picture has nothing to do with the story but...whatever.

This past week flew by. It was eventful and I really did not find a moment where I could clear mindedly sit down and just type. Just gab. Just blah blah blah on here like I always do.

It was one of those weeks that something is happening everyday. Last Monday I posted! Yay.

Then Tuesday I had a class that ran till 9:30 pm so needless to say by the time I got home, ate, unwinded and all that jazz I was pooped. Poooooooped. I don't think I really like that word.

Then Wednesday I worked till late and I think I wanted to post but was waiting for the Benster to go to bed so I could  weeelax and write away but then he didn't go to bed in time so then I got too sleepy to write.

And then on Thursday we found out Ben's 15-year-old Chow Chow's face had swollen up twice its size. The vet said its cancer of the lymph nodes. It was a very, very sad night.

Then Friday Ben decided to book a flight for the same day to go say good bye to his doggie dog because he loves her so much. So I took him to the airport and my heart ached for him. The sky was sad too. Gray and teary.

Then I went to work and then Fri, Sat, and Sun were spent at Crystal's house.

I got to spend time with her very hormonal teenage daughter. Parts of that were amusing and irritating all at the same time. I don't know what was more amusing her daughter's pitchy whining or my friend's ridiculous threats that she doesn't follow through with. I can't decide.

Oh and then her husband was in town (he's in the army). He's ......unique.

Saturday we were supposed to go to San Francisco to go shopping. Oh but not before we stop by Nikon's (the friend's hubs)  "comic book thingy" or "comic book store" as Crystal kept saying. Oh no biggie me and her moody teenage daughter thought. Just stop by the ol' comic book shop then we get to do the fun stuff. We get to Frisco (only us locals can call it Frisco by the way) and it turns out we aren't going to a comic book store. We are going to Wondercon.

What is Wondercon you ask??? Well it is a once a year convention held in San Fran where comic book venders from far and wide come to sell their comics. Do you know how much these comics cost??? Its ridiculous. The air reeked of perspiration from nerdy overexcited geekacons. We were compressed,  bumping shoulder to shoulder with people dressed up as comic book charactors and other weirdos.  And pretty soon I turned into a hormonal teenager. Angry and whiney.

When I was out of Nikon's ear shot things went a little like this: "Ohhhhhh we're just going to stop by Nikon's comic book thingy" I mocked in a high pitched voice. I gave Crystal the glare. She had tricked us into coming because had me and her moody baby known what we were in for we would have stayed home and she would have had to come with her hubs all alone. If there is one thing I hate is being dupped. So for 2.5 hours me and her daughter made ugly faces at strangers and whispered mean nothings about all the nerds there.

 And then. We didn't get to go shopping. It was tragic.

Then Saturday night we went to a bar. That was fun. But once again I realized why I should stick to beer instead of mixed drinks. I don't know how to gage mixed drinks. And mixed drinks turn me into an embarrassing mess. The details of saturday night need not  be said okaaaay?

But its good to be back in the blogosphere. I missed you lovelies!

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