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Thursday, October 29, 2009


My inner child is pouting.

Ugh. MEN. Why are some of them so clueless? When God assembles men I wonder if at some point in the assembly line he forgets to implant the common sense chip into a small few. Then maybe he remembers later and just thinks oh shit, too late now. 

Sometimes I wonder if one of those few was my boyfriend. I know that sounds mean but I just don't understand how he  can be so booksmart, ace all of his tests, but yet, coming up with something to do for our anniversary is like someone told him he needs to come up with a cure for cancer ASAP.

You see around this time a year I get very bitchy, very critical, and very emotional. Ya see I love this boy. He is kind, caring, loyal, and my bff. But my one gripe with him aside from him always leaving the toilet seat up and somehow always forgetting when his chore days are but keenly remembering what time the 49er's play is his lack of romance and spontaneity. This year on November 4th marks the big 5. Five year anniversary that is. Lets recap the last four shall we:

Year 1: This one was forgivable as a year is only a drop in the bucket but we layed in bed I told him it was our anniversary and he said he didn't know what to do for girls on their anniversary. Whatevs.
Year 2: This year I gave him a few not so subtle reminders that the big 2 was coming up and he still said he didn't know what to do for such an occasion.
Year 3: We went to Best Buy.
Year 4: Once again he had brainstormed nothing because he's a boron. We went to the Olive Garden then came home and cheered because this was the eve Obama was elected president. No plans, no flowers, no cards, no present.
Year 5: _________________________________________________________.

This year I have made MANY reminders and some may say ahem, threats that he better finally do something because all of our other anniversaries have been sheer crap. "Well what do you want to do?" he always asks. "I don't know plan something for once!" I snap back. See I know I shouldn't put such superficial value into anniversaries but I do, oh I do. This is our love celebration! And for all the times I cook, clean, and listen to his loooooong stories I deserve me a celebration! The boy is clueless.

See my family members were extremists when it came to the celebration part of life. When I was 11-years-old and officially entered womanhood my aunt gave me a "Happy First Period" present. Not sure one's hallmark card worthy but hey thats just the kinda of people we are.

I am in suspense. I am wondering if my threats have done the trick. Will this be the year he finally does something for our anniversary? If he doesn't play his cards right I might end up looking like this to him:

To be continued...

Me and the boy. (I look uber asian in this picture)



What does your lovey do or not do for you?


  1. You have every right to pout! It is only one day out of the year... surely he can come up with something.

    My boyfriend and I go to the Melting Pot every year for ours, and it is the only time of the year we go. I usually counter the expensive dinner with concert tickets, but the last time I did that we only stayed for the opening acts so I don't think I will do that again. Even planned anniversaries can suck sometimes...

    I hope he comes up with something fantastic for you!

  2. oh my word. i totally get you hunny. ok well... i have only been going out with mine for one year but i see the same thing happening. and it is sooo not cool, i am glad you taking a stand. LOVE YOUR BLOG BY THE WAY! im new too... so please support me... :)

  3. I have to say that in my case, my husband is MUCH more thoughtful with anniversaries and birthdays than I am, mostly because I'm easy to surprise and he's not. It's impossible for me to plan anything for him because he either catches on or will go buy the thing I'm trying to surprise him with. BUT I do agree that men can be completely obtuse and not thoughtful. If I have to pick up ONE MORE PLATE that he's left on the table, I will have a conniption fit. Good luck for your anniversary! Hope it turns out wonderful.

  4. Yes yes, boys are clueless at points!!! I have to say, coming up on our year anniversary, I think I'll be the one to not mark it as very exciting. We fit together so well that we feel like an old married couple already!! Although that fact is true, we still, at 6 months, got semi-matching tattoos (we both wanted this design so we just modified it a little for individuals sake but there's one little twinge that shows its for one another). Sooo..1 year..not sure how it's going to go...probably end up going to the bar we met at and singing karaoke which is no where out of the ordinary!!! But hey! Time will only tell!

    I hope he surprises the crap out of you with something uber wonderful!!! :)

  5. Hmmm My family is the same. But my hubby's family is so laid back and never bothers about it.

    After my hubby saw the way my family remembers all the things. He started NOTICING and feeling that may be his family is just being lazy.

    And now, Voila!! We get phone calls for b'day and they REMEMBER it!!

    hahahh! I really hope you get a nice surprise for your anniversary.


  6. For our anniversary, my bf took me to san antonio. We stayed in a seriously nice hotel (Hotel Valencia) and we ate at the restaurant at the top of the Tower of Americas. It was completely romantic. Candle-lit dinner. Window seats. Even at the hotel we had a view of the river below. He thought about all of the little things. Keep working with your man though. I used to have trouble with mine making decisions. Maybe you should casually start a conversation about your favorite flowers or leave a brochure for a trip next to the remote. Good luck!

  7. First point: LOL at going to Best Buy for your 3rd anniversary, that is absolutely fantastic (and I did genuinely laugh out loud).

    Second: You have an amazing memory! Either that or these events truly have damaged you for life, which is all the more reason for a good 5th Anniversary I say! Claim some compensation!

  8. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! men just don't get it sometimes. congrats on the 5 years and i really hope he surprises you this time! :)

  9. Romantic plans have become a "we thing" as in WE make the plans together - the hubs is not good at planning alone, except for the one year we both decided to go to the beach for our anniversary and he booked the room (which was a great room I might add). Of course me responding to this has initiated a discussion because the hubs saw me writing this, now he's on a mission to be more romantic.

  10. Hi there! I just wanted to say hi. I popped in from "Ex-Fat Girl" and love your blog. I can't wait to read more from you ...

  11. Thanks to everyone for your comments I will definitely keep you posted on what happens. I really hope its good news for the sake of his life you know.

  12. Grrrrrr....I'm with you- my b does plan stuff, but usually it's a bit cheesy, but I love it all the same. If yours doesn't even act like he SHOULD do something, don't talk to him for a week afterwards, or do something else he really hates. Or, if you know he's not planning anything, just don't show up that day to your house- go out with friends, get a massage, whatever, but don't go home- and don't tell him where you're going (o, of course this is a drastic last resort).

    PS- 5 year mark, isn't it getting close to when he should be poppin' something?

    like, a question?

    My b and I are almost at 5 years and I keep wondering where it's you?

  13. Tatyana yes I think if he comes up empty handed this weekend I shall declare a spa day. But for now he is still on my good side.

    Oh I would love for the question to be poppe. Only problem is if it was its not like we'd have any money for all the jazz that comes after. So for now we are content being where we are.

    As for you and your bf have you discussed the idea?

  14. no offense, but its just an aniversary. Why should it be so important that you mark the years with something big?

    I mean if you two love each other, then why should the day matter?

    Anyway, he's a boy. Boys don't remember these things. Give him a little break. If he didn't change after the first year, then how do you expect him to change now?