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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vote or Die.

Should I cut my hair?

Yes, its too long!

No! how could you!

Neutral. I could really give a crap what you do to your hair. free polls

My hair has grown quite long and I am really not a fan of it right now. It gets caught in places it shouldn't, like when I am closing the car door, thats always fun. Or when I am laying on my side it will sometimes get weaved under my elbow.  When my hair is down the bottom of my scalp turns into a nice little warm oven. This is the longest it has been since I was about 8-years-old.  I want to just chop it all off myself sometimes.

I decided to put a poll up about it to see what you guys think. Never done a poll before but its sunday and I have nothing better to do.


  1. I think your hair looks gorgeous, but if it's becoming TOO much of a pain in the ass, well then...

  2. your blog is great. and since i am missing my long hair these days, i say i like the long locks!

  3. I think your hair is beautiful. However, if it's getting too long for you, than definitely cut it. I'm to that point right now. I am pulling my hair back everyday because I am just annoyed by the length!

  4. cut it! short hair can be fun too. besides, it will always grow back! :) that's what i told myself when i cut my hair short.

  5. i understand that... mine is very long also. It gets caught when i sit down on the chair, YES car doors, my purse on my shoulder.... i layered mine a ton and i love it!!! Try that!
    Hi Im new Im a fan of the Ex girlfriend.. Im new at all this blog stuff too..

  6. Cut it with lots of layers. I used to let my hair grow out, become frustrated with the length and chop it off. My mom (who is my stylist) decided that she was going to add layers galore and for two years now I keep going back for more layers. LAYERS!!! you will love it..i promise. :P