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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

18 & Balding.

Oh dearest Herman. Handsome Herman is suffering from major hair issues and is in dire need of a toupée. We are not very sure what the crap happened to his head as it all happened so fast. One night his nose got swollen and fat (we figured something must have bit him), two days later the swelling was gone but it appeared as if a cow licked his head, and then today, POOF, baldy locks was in full effect. We find his new look quite stylish and old man chic.

See Herman doesn't belong to us. He belongs to our neighbors a few apartments down and they love him in a cats belong outside and we don't know where he is half the time kind of way. Which is fine. The world isn't too cruel around these parts of town. I reckon these hills should have been called Cat Hills instead of Oak Hills because the amount of cats around here is rather astounding.

Oh but Herman is more than welcome in our home. See he is very sophisticated and looks at you very intelligently. In fact his name isn't even Herman at all, we renamed him because his owner given name is actually Rocky. But Rocky is a name suited for a cat that is on its last of nine lives and may be missing an eye or two. Not Herman.

Poor Herm-Boy as Ben likes to call him. We aren't the greatest foster parents. We were a mixture of confused and amused at his current condition. I must shamefully admit more amused. We've given him nick names such as: Old man, baldy baby, Baldo, Old grouchy man, Baldy locks... and I've told Ben he should be respectful of his elders. All the while he looks like this:

Whats so funny you guys???

Tomorrow though I am going to go to his owner's home and ask them if they've noticed and if they know whats wrong with him. From what we looked up online it appears to most likely be a cyst that is normal for outdoor cats to get since they fancy scrapping with eachother from time to time. Hopefully tomorrow I will know what is going on with him.

But for now I leave you with this photo of when Herman actually was handsome. : )


  1. I am the biggest animal lover EVER and this makes me sad. My hubby and I were "foster parents" for this cat who lived on our old street. He belonged to a family down the street, and the mother threw him out because he was "mean", although he was NEVER mean to us (I think it was her a-hole kids that harassed him and MADE him mean). If you commit to an animal, TAKE CARE OF IT!!

    Herman is still handsome, even with a little off the top!

  2. I agree! I hate seeing people give away animals for the silliest of reasons. And I HATE when parents get their children pets as if they are toys. Like the poor animal is just supposed to put up with the bratty kid.

  3. Aw, poor baby! It is kinda funny though. I hope you guys can figure out what's up with Herman.