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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Oh I am sick of hearing the world is going to end all over again. In 1999/2000 when I was 13-years-old I said my good byes (mentally not verbally thank goodness!)  to all of my friends, family, and pets. And then do you know what happened at the stroke of midnight on the eve of December 31st, 1999??? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Everyone was all uppity about how Nostradamus had predicted it, and the U.S was going to become a 3rd world country because the computers were going to go haywire, and we were all either going to burn in the depths of hell or sing into the heavens. What a grand disappointment! At thirteen, virginal, and still innocent of mind my chances of getting into heaven were far higher than they are now. Oh well what can you do?

Do you think God would actually let his lovelies know they were going to die through a hollywood motion picture?

No, I think not.

Carry on people. Live your lives.


  1. I love your blog! And I completely agree with this post. According to the Mayans, 2012 is when the old calendar ends and the new one begins, so it's supposed to symbolize rebirth, and the beginning of a new era that's supposed to be even better than the last. But people find the "end of the world" theory a lot more exciting. The movie does look good!

  2. Wait a minute! Are you saying that god doesn't speak through John Cusack?

  3. I'm am far too fed up about this stuff too!!! Poo on all the drama!!! BESIDES, if it's going to end, what the heck are we to do about it anyways?!?!?! There's nothing to prepare..just enjoy the movie..and live your life! Period. The End.

  4. Great post. I agree completely. We live in a very drama-driven world. A few years after 2012, I am sure something else will come up and the world will end again.

  5. I wish the world did speak through John Cusack. I love him.