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Monday, November 30, 2009

Vapid and Shallow.

I am an avid reader of the website Perez is a sassy, trash talkin', say it like it is, fabulicious homo-who makes me laugh and I love the rotten bastard what can I say? He refers to Lady Gaga as his wifey and raves about her being the NEW "Princess of Pop." Hmmm...

This got me thinking.

Many of Lady Gagas songs are on my iPod and they are incredibly catchy. I mean how can you not just jam out to P-P-P-Poker face, P-P-P-Poker face? Her songs get me movin' and groovin' when I am burning up the  calories on the elliptical or treadmill.

But while her songs are currently the most popular in the world of pop I definitly wouldn't deem her the new princess of pop. See we currently don't have a princess of pop. Our last one was Britney Spears before she had kids, lost her damn mind, then kind of got it back. I am a huge Britney fan.

I may have even gone to one of her concerts last April and screamed " I Looooooove youuuuuuuu Britneeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!" and taken over 100 pictures and woke up the next day with a sore voice. But hey those are just rumors you see!

Britney Spears has lost her title because she isn't nearly as popular as she was in the earlier years of the new millenium and I wouldn't say her new songs rule the radio.

Britney's Hey day.

See the "Princess of Pop" is the winner of all the categories in the popularity contest.

Here are the qualifications:

1. You MUST have the hottest pop songs on the radio.

2. Men must want to do you.

3. Girls should want to be you.

4. You should be pretty.

See Lady Gaga only qualifies for number one and for number four are the right angles and lighting but not overall. When Britney was at the peak of her looks, success, and fame, men couldn't stop talking about her. There wasn't a guy I didn't know that didn't once say "She's Hot" when she came on the T.V. Girls had pictures of her on their binders when I was in high school.

But with Lady Gaga I see people's reactions aren't the same.

While LGG is wildly refreshing with her androgenous style and outlandish attire at the same time you can't help but think, man she is fuckin weird. And she's not attractive in your conventional, generally accepted manner.

So with out a "Princess of Pop" I feel so lost and confused!

Who would you say is our current Princess of Pop???

I lean towards Rihanna because I think she is beautiful and wildly talented as well as professional and serious.

What do you think??



  1. I would have said Rihanna, too. If I were a Tween and you were asking me, I'd probably giggle and then say Taylor Swift. Or Miley, but that makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    Definatley don't want to Do Lady Gaga though I do enjoy working up a sweat to her every now and again. Wink.

  2. i am a HUUUUUUGE britney fan too! she was hands down the princess of pop in her hey day. she was my inspiration to work on getting abs. one of my best friends and i would dance and sing along to her las vegas concert over and over again. i was practically in tears when her and justin broke up. i am proud to say i'm a britney fan!

    but yeah, she is definitely not the princess of pop anymore but i firmly believe she is slowly making her comeback.

    as for today's pop princess, i am leaning towards rihanna as well... but i'm not 100% sold on giving her that title.

  3. Well they say MJ was the King of pop, and I have a long list of zero people who wanted to do him, so maybe the entire royalty criteria of music is a wee bit skewed. (well that and he was a kiddie toucher...but I digress..)

  4. I'm not sure I'd agree with Rhianna either...she's kind of got that "over the top" fashion whatever going to makes me cringe just like LGG...

    In fact, beyond Britney..hmm...I think we're at a one terribly notable floating to mind!!

    I think we're being flooded by far too many Disney protege and they don't earn that title at all!

  5. Apryl MJ is the king and kings can be as ugly as they want to be because they are old. See supposedly Madonna is the Queen of Pop but she isn't "hot" anymore just popular. The princess or princes of pop must be young, fertile, and uber talented! So...

    Lianne-don't you miss britneys abs circa 2000-2003! Yum!

    Kendra- so far Rihanna is the most composed but i don't thing she is the reigning princess just yet : ( We are at a stand still : (.