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Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Post From Herman.

He stared at me looking so ridiculous for a few minutes before I made
 him put his tongue  back in his mouth.

You guys! Herman wanted to write you guys a post on how he was doing! *Oh-em-GEE*

Okay do you think I am totally coo coo now? Well good. I don't care what you think.

Actually I saw someone do this on a food blog and laughed so hard that I thought milk was going to shoot out of my nose. It was by a cat named Mr. Beanz.

If you are familiar with the website then you will get this. If you are not I am sure you have seen these funny LOLcats and cheezburger cats somewhere in cyberspace.

Hermans Guest Post:

Hay guyz,

I no some of uz r aminol luvrs and wuz wunderinz how I wuz doin' sinz I gotz no harez. Wellz I iz the samez as I ever waz. Jus wif less hare. But iz grwin backz. My fawster hoomanz keepz laffin' at mez but oder den datz theyz takin gud care of mez. I sleepz in dare bed and in the morninz I rubz my bawld spot on the lady hoomans forheadz and keepz it there til she wakez up. Tee heez. We connectz. I lay wif hur sinze the man hooman leavs earlyz til her lazy azz finally getz ups and she givez me fudz and then letz me outsidez to smell oder catz pewpz, and new flowerz, and whatevr oder new stuf I can getz my noze on. I lurned my lezzon for nowz to stop pikin fites wif oder catz. Espshually big blak catz that haz mor muczles than mez.

Tanks for readin my lady hoomans brog. She likez you guyz and likez to write. Sumtimes I sitz on hur lapz and get to wread all duh stuff she whytes befor u doz. Tee heez.

Ok. Daz allz I haz to say.

Lub yawrs truli,


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