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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Manly stuff. & I need advice!

I am a man. I like to come home, throw down my shit, grab the remote and get to clickin' away on the tube. I like to sit with my legs crossed one over the other in a way that looks as if I am trying to protect my "jewels." I don't have the most feminine swivel to my hips. I'll take jeans and t-shirt days over skirts and heels anyday. It's not my fault I am this way. Its in my genetics. See my mom was a tomboy therefore she passed down her tomboyisms to me. Mama dressed moi in carpenter jeans with crazy yellow, blue, and red colored pockets when I was in grade school while the other girls wore pretty sun dresses.

Don't you worry I am not this bad!!!

So comes out the man in me when not a second after cracking open the front door arriving from a long day the boy wants to tell me all about his day. And do you want to hear what I hear?

Yada yada stuff.....yada yada yada femoral vein....yada yada class today....yada yada yada .....scientific details...

See I love my boy but sheesh give the woman a few to unwind. Or about an hour or so? And furthermore I haven't the slightest clue what the funk you are talking about when it comes to these theories, terms, and scientific language you speak of. I am a business major, stayed out of the science world for a reason.

But how do I let the boy down easy? While I don't want to be rude but it gets to be a tad much when its almost on a daily basis. We've had little spats over this to where I go " I don't know what the crap you are talking about and you know I don't" He says: "Well I know you don't but it helps me learn it better when I explain it to someone." I am the subject of a learning experiment? Interesting.

See its funny how once the fog of infatuation clears and you realize, Holy Shit... you ARE just like your mother. See the boy's mama is a nice lady. A little rough around the edges but good of heart. But once she gets to yappin' theres no end in sight. May as well whip out your snuggie, kick off your shoes, and nod as much as possible and get your most convincing "uh huhs, Oh yeah! Oh reallys? and Wows" ready.

My boy does this too! His story will be simple and intriguing to start off with and I will genuinely have interest but thats when it snow balls into the well, since you found that interesting let me tell you about how the WHOLE process works and all of those little details.


Some body help me!

I vote he tells me the sweet and simple stuff and then tells Herman  the more complex stuff.

What say you? Yay or Nay?

Any advice??? Please share!


  1. I would be convinced you are a man, except you are in touch enough with your emotions to be able to eloquently articulate the whole situation instead of just walking out of the room. Which is what my husband used to do (when I was a new stay at home mom with a baby, dying for grownup human contact). When I learned to give him a half hour to let the work unwind, then he could listen to me without my words sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher.

    Then, when I felt all heard and understood, I'd put out. Just sayin.

  2. I am fairly convinced myself at times I should have been born male, aside from my love of shoes, shopping and make up.

    I love sports, have no emotional atachments to sex, and could give a rats ass about sparing people's feelings when I have something to say ;-)

    Tell him this, "I understand it helps you "learn" better to reiterate what you sucked in at school today dear, but don't be mad at me if I sit here and drown you out with the TV since all you are really doing is talking to hear yourself talk, K? Love you!"

  3. Haha, I love Apryl's advice!!! Straight, to the point, makes sense...he might get a little offended...but hey! Can't be nice all the time! :)

  4. Oh men! lol* Getting all techy and stuff. I agree we women, like men even, need our unwind time!

    My favorite line: "I love sports, have no emotional atachments to sex, and could give a rats ass about sparing people's feelings when I have something to say ;-)"

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. My boyfriend is a music major. I love music and all, and I love when he teaches me little things. I am really interested in what he has to say. You should show that you care too. It makes guys feel really smart when they can explain something to you that you didn't know before. It makes them feel good when you're interested.

  6. LOL I loved all of your guys comments gave me a good laugh hehe ; ).

    Willow, I agree but I guess it kinda irks me when I do give him his attention but when I want to take the stage and talk about moi he doesn't reciprocate. Boys have a bad habit of not listening!

  7. My husband has an MA in history and he did the same thing to me, except with the dullest, most mind-numbingly borin information ever. Once he was "practicing" telling me information about a test and I swear he talked for 40 minutes without taking a break. His Mom did does it too, except for everything else under the sun. My advice is to just listen and smile and nod - he will appreciate it and sometimes ya just gotta do that stuff. But then if he doesn't give you the same courtesy, call him out on it!