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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well this four day weekend came and went far too fast. On Thanksgiving I held no restraint. In the morning I hardly ate as I hastily threw together a pumpkin and sweet potato pie and that took about four hours. I was supposed to make them the night before but I laid down, meant to just relax and then hop back out of bed and get to it but the warmth of the sheets wouldn't let me out of their rapture. It was totally worth it. 

My Thanksgiving was wonderful everything was absolutely perfect. All of my favorite foods were present and I ate until my little belly swelled with pride and pushed on the top button of my jeans. Its Thanksgiving for crying out loud what do you expect me to be like this?

This Lady is a LOSER.

But I did go and exercise on Saturday and Sunday so I guess it some what evened it out.

This whole weekend my computer was under construction as the boy DELETED everything I had on it and restored it back to factory settings. The hopes of being a laptop samurai isn't in my near future but hey he got the computer I have now up and running a lot smoother. (Expect me around your neighborhood hoodlums!)

I am feeling very loved by my boy these days and that is a grand feeling.

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