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Monday, November 16, 2009

About time.

Well its about time federal aid gives this poor girl her money.  I am a do-gooder above average responsible student don't ye see!??!?!

I am happy dancing my ass off today!

Oh & the boy is a smarty pants he got nominated AND selected as one of America's Who's Who amongst College Students. He is up for a scholarship and will be in their annual book of excellent students. So proud of my boy. Told him he's got a big brain because he's got a big head!


  1. Congrats! (and oh you made my "list" ;-)

  2. Glad the money came! Ps I'm adding you on twitter!

  3. Apyrl big smiles :) Thank you :D

    Crazy Shenanigans I am pretty new to twitter so I shall tweet hehe.