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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Say EH-lo to my little frens.

The view outside of our porch. & yes that is a turkey.

I moved from Arizona and the scenery there is nothing like the above photo. Oh nay. See we live in a green little forest up on a deer grazed hill overlooking the bay. On a completely clear day I can see San Francisco and all three bridges that lead to its chaos. By night, raccoons, skunks, possums, and foxes frequent our porch in search of kitty kibble remains.  But by day Cat Hill is in full effect. See these furry friends were here looooong before me and Ben ever came here. I was looking through my photos and somehow I hoarded up a whopping 6,843 in the four years I've had this computer. I came across these pictures and instead of letting them collect cyber dust I deemed them worthy of a post. Again I would like to clarify these are not my cats! Don't you dare dub me the wretched cat lady. I do have a bone to pick with whole "cat lady" name calling epidemic but that is a whole other post in itself.

Now lets begin shall we?

This what our porch looked like our first few weeks here and what is has been looking like ever since. We have been invaded I tell you.

Scraggles! Sir Scraggles to be correct. He is the most loyal of them all. He sits on the porch day in and day out. We've seen him go through about 3 lives in the time we've been here. We saved him this last time not sure how many he has left...

Oreo belongs to the neighbors right next door. Or better said, belonged. See Oreo wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. He had the rotten habit of chasing the rims of my tires, spending way too much time in the parking lot, and also of hopping into strangers cars. Not surprisingly he disappeared about a year ago and we never knew what happened to him.

Nahla she is the sweetest little thing. She went a little skitzo and relocated to some apartments at the bottom of the hill. Cats have no loyalty you see.

Moomie is Oreo's sister and she is still around. She likes to bully all the boys in the vicinity and she is quite the diva (*ahem* or a bitch).

Jake belongs to the neighbors two apartments over but we like to call him Peanut Head or Ethan or E-Fee.
See he has this goofy disproportioned body, big feet, big tail, big gut and then this pea-sized
head. He is Moomie's second favorite to pick on. He never puts up a fight and resembles the
cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz as he scurries off in fright and defeat.

Oh and then theres Herman. See Herman is our favorite. He is Jakes "brother" and belongs to the same people. His REAL name is Rocky but we deemed that a terrible name to give to such a sophisticated cat. He is the only cat we allow inside the house because he's just that cool.

(Cats not featured: Chubby cheeks, Boogers, Oliver, and Big Black.)

& thats all folks. See that wasn't too painful now was it?


  1. lol Herman's getting some peach fuzz growing back in luckily. He doesn't look as silly anymore. He is back to his old self, just with a little less hair for now.

  2. So cute. I love animals. I have been called the crazy cat lady, it's unfair. If someone had lots of dogs, nobody would think twice. Double-standard :)