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Monday, November 9, 2009

Love Day.

Saturday morning wrapped in a toasty comforter I blinked until my visually impaired eyes could see as clearly as possible. I reached over to the right side of the bed to feel for the boy but his spot was deserted. I could have easily just lifted myself high up enough to see if he was there. But I like to touch him and feel his warm skin and grin as he lets out a sleepy moan. I can't remember the last time we both woke up together and held eachother before fixing ourselves breakfast. That morning he had to run off to tutor.

I woke up to do my normal, uneventful routine. While I wait for my stomach to finally nudge my brain and let it know I am hungry, I hop on the computer and things go a little like this:

Check school email.
Check personal email.
Check bank accounts.
Check Facebook.
Check Blogger.
Check Perezhilton.

As I sat there I felt a sudden urge to look behind me and saw the day was absolutely gorgeous. The sun lit the living room in beautiful hues of yellow and the oak trees and greenery seemed to be especially more vibrant that morning. Or maybe I had just finally had enough time to notice. I couldn't take it. I felt like I was doing myself a grand injustice starring off into cyber space instead of relishing the outside world.

I opened the porch door and the air was crisp and crunchy. The boys immediately came running like cute little "puppies." They meowed in excitement and arched their spines in contentment as if they were trying to make their backs meet the gentle touch of my hand as soon as possible. I sat on the cement floor and they head butted eachother in competition, rolled over and showed me their bellies, and  their purrs roared even louder as I designated each one of my hands to the scruffy napes of their necks and scratched away. Why do cats and dogs turn to silly puddy as soon as you do that? I sat there and appreciated nature in all its beauty and small creatures alike. I petted the boys some more then decided I was going on a nature adventure equipped with my Canon and my newfound appreciation for beauiful sunny days.

Look at the boys! Here they come! Trot trot trot...

Why hello Sir Scraggles! Fancy seeing you around here...

Always a pleasure Oliver...

Breakfast time...

Oh and look at the fat creature perched on the beam thinking he can
join in on the kitty kibbly consumption. I don't think so fatso! I scared him away...

I ran to my room and threw on the most decent clothes available. Then my brain finally stopped me in my tracks and told me it was time for that little thing you all call breakfast. Ah,  yes! Breakfast that would be a suitable thing to do since I am going on an adventure. Just seconds after I had fixed myself an avocado omlette the boy calls! Why is the boy calling??? He should be tutoring. So I answer and he's got this super excited tone and he's ramblin' like this...

       I got to school today and I asked my friend if he knew of anything we could do for our anniversary and he said that theres this forest thats really nice and theres this really good place to eat where they have really good Puerto Rican food in San Rafael. I think its a cool idea. I am going to cancel on the student I was supposed to tutor today and reset it for tomorrow. I hope she doesn't get upset. But I can run home and we can get going as soon as I get there. Does that sound like fun to you?

The boy had read my mind and somehow fate managed to rascal its way in and zap us with the nature loving bug.  It was strange yet beautiful how the day worked that way.

This is how November 7th, 2009 went:

 Time for a photo shoot while the boy gets ready doy!...

The Golden Gate Bridge, I still don't get the big whoop about this bridge.
Its a rickety old thing that isn't even gold but a sad rusted color.

 You just can't enjoy the California experience the same unless
you get caught in some traffic...

What is a girl to do stuck in such a predicament?! Well take
"artsy" pictures but of course!

We've arrived! Doesn't this photo look like a still scene shot from a
creepy movie???

The boy came on a mission to see big trees and that he did!


King of the Forest?

Look I can pose too.

And look, I have a trail named after me. Well, sort of. (Ferni)

Thats one big ass dead tree!

and me!

Such a little human next to a mammoth tree.

Reunited with his kind.

Re Re.

Then we went to Sol Food Restaurant where they had some mighty delicious food and the ambiance was completely Latin. What does that mean? It was Loud and LOVELY.

 So there you have it folks. The boy gets to live for another year!

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